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1999 Polar Mohr Transomat EL-5 Stacking and Unloading Unit – 062323230004A

Model: TR130EL-5
S/N: 6993224

The POLAR Transomat TRE 130-5 is predominantly used for the medium-size format.The unloading Transomat makes it much easier to unload the high-speed cutter and optimizes the entire workflow. It is no longer necessary to take off the intermediate or finished products laboriously by hand, but they are simply pushed onto the transport pallet of the Transomat unit. It automatically deposits parted or complete reams on a pallet. Simultaneously, the operator can continue cutting, which improves the efficiency of the high-speed cutter substantially. With its patented movable pallet tip the POLAR Transomat can achieve perfectly aligned edges so that the material can be directly processed on the printing press or folding machine.

Customer benefits

• Increases the efficiency of the cutting machine by up to 50%, because cutting can be continued while material is stacked
• No set-up time thanks to automatic format adjustment using a laser sensor and motorized adjustment ruler
• Improved ergonomic conditions, because downstacking of heavy loads is no longer necessary
• Consistent stacking quality allows direct processing in the printing / folding machines
• Space saving as it is positioned on the usually unused area beside the high-speed cutter

When high-speed cutters need to be unloaded, Transomat units are a performance-enhancing alternative to stack lifts.

The POLAR Transomat E unit automatically deposits parted or complete reams on pallets while the machine continues cutting. This lowers production costs by 25% to 70%, depending on the cutting program.

With its patented movable pallet tip POLAR Transomat E achieves perfectly aligned edges.


  • Enhanced productivity: Stacking and cutting are performed simultaneously
  • This improves the quality: Stacks with precisely aligned edges can be processed immediately and much faster.

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