1999 Alpheus PLT-5X CO2 Miniblast Dry Ice Cleaner – 060719105903

1999 Alpheus PLT-5X CO2 Miniblast Dry Ice Cleaner

S/N 70900C304

Dry Ice Cleaner Description

Alpheus PLT-5X CO2 Miniblastâ„¢ Dry Ice Cleaner. Model: PLT- 5X. Serial No: 72779C447. Maximum feed capacity 10 lbs./minute. Electrical requirement: 120V, 12 amps, 60 Hz, 1 phase. Features include: stainless steel construction, available blasting pressures from 20-120 PSI using wands with of either 1 or 2 inch wide openings with a 12-inch extension available for either. Using commercially available dry ice pellets that are manufactured from CO2 recaptured as a byproduct from other industrial processes, the Miniblastâ„¢ PLT-5X is a green alternative to blast cleaning as the dry ice disappears on impact with the targeted surface. Overall dimensions: 4 ft. L x 4 ft. 6 in. W x 4 ft. H.

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