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1998 Stahl B20 Pile Feed Paper Folder w/ 16pg & 8pg Unit and Mobile Delivery w/ Sound Hoods – 061523189012A

Model: 1220B-4-8PG-3
Series: Stahl 20
S/N: 121KH0069

Model: 1220D-4-16PG-3
Series: Stahl 20
S/N: 122LA0001

Model: 1220B-4-P-3
Series: Stahl 20
S/N: 120KH0070

Paper Folder Description

The Stahl B20 folder is a unique and versatile folding machine, capable of folding paper measuring from 5.5″ x 8.5″ to 20″ x 28″. This machine boasts hundreds of configurations, parallel or right angle folds. There is little the Stahl cannot handle.

Paper Folder Specifications

Specifications for the Stahlfolder B 20
Sheet Size Max (WxL) 20 x 33″
Sheet Size Min (WxL) 4 x 6″
Buckle plate with swing deflectors 4, 6
Min. fold length 1.5″
Folding speed max. 8,000 ipm, 200 m/min
Pile height (flat pile feeder) 27.5″ 70 cm
Power consumption 25 amp

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