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1997 Quincy QT-10 Air Compressor – 120520104810

The Quincy QT is equipped with a wide range of standard features that ensure rugged, dependable performance and maximum energy efficiency. The aluminum cylinder head is designed for cooler operating temperatures and a longer lifespan. The large, balanced cast-iron flywheel features an angled design that keeps the entire compressor cool. The interstage intercooler effectively dissipates heat between the two compression stages. The high performance rings minimize oil carryover, while the balanced, counterweight crankshaft is designed for highly efficient performance.

Other product features include industrial-grade bearings that are built to handle the heavy demands of your air compression applications, as well as two-piece connecting rods that provide easy serviceability. Graphite head gaskets and cylinders ensure superior sealing integrity. Optional features include a control panel for Simplex models and a dual power source control panel for Duplex models, as well as a wide range of tank sizes to meet your specific compressed air requirements. An ASME code relief valve can be found in each compressor head, tank and discharge line to ensure safe operation.

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