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1997 Heidelberg Quickmaster QM 46-2 Two Color Printing Press – 060620104150

1997 Heidelberg Quickmaster QM 46-2 Two Color Printing Press

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Printing Press Description

Efficiency in Small-Format Offset Printing.
Compact feeder with pile board for all formats
Electronic sheet monitoring and arrival control for reliable paper travel
AutoPlate for automatic plate changes
Register setting on the fly saves time
Large rapid-response inking unit for excellent print quality
Alcohol-free direct continuous dampening system for consistency in the production run and rapid drying
Joint washing of inking and dampening units for rapid job changes
Logical operation that is easy to learn
The QM 46 – good things come in small packages
The QM 46 is the ideal press for high-quality print items for private and business use. Its compact design means that only the smallest of footprints is needed to exploit its strengths to the full, and its high level of automation makes the press easy to operate for both one and two-color jobs. Last but not least, investing in a QM 46 will quickly pay off for you and your customers thanks to its productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Printing stock
Min. sheet size 140 mm × 89 mm (5.51 in × 3.50 in)
Min. sheet size with add-on for small formats 100 mm × 100 mm (3.94 in × 3.94 in)
Max. sheet size 460 mm × 340 mm (18.11 in × 13.39 in)
Max. print format 453 mm × 330 mm (17.83 in × 12.99 in)
Thickness 0.04 mm – 0.3 mm (0.0016 in – 0.012 in)
Gripper margin 7 mm (0.28 in)

Length × width 505 mm × 340 mm (19.88 in × 13.39 in)
Substrate Metal/polyester Thickness 0.1 mm – 0.2 mm (0.0039 in – 0.0079 in)

Pile heights (including pile carriage)
Feeder 490 mm (19.29 in)
Delivery 540 mm (21.26 in)

Sample configuration
Dimensions of the Printmaster QM 46-2

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