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1996 MBO B20 Pile Feed Paper Folder w/ 8 Page Unit and Mobile Delivery – 081823268002B

The MBO folder is a durable and versatile floor model folding machine with a right angle folding attachment, capable of folding paper measuring from 5″ x 8″ to 20″ x 27″, at speeds of up to 25,000 sheets per hour. This machine boasts the capability of most any folding application.

Model B20-P (S/N: M.01/03)
Model B20-2-20/4 (S/N: M.01/03)
Model A56-DC-24 (S/N: M.01/03)

Paper Folder Features

User-friendly technology
Maximum speed up to 8,000″/min
Production-friendly set-up
Pile Feeder – Precision pile height control is provided by micro-switches at the rear edge of the pile. Frontal air blast through the air tube and 2 side blowers optimize sheet separation. Maintenance-free air support is delivered by a turbo-type air pump.

Paper Folder Specifications

Electrical: 220V / 60 Hz / 3Ph / 18A
Sheet Size: Min. – 4″ x 6″; Max. – 20″ x 27 ”
Running Speed Inches/Min.: 1600 to 8000